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Guttenberg, NJ is one of the smallest municipalities in New Jersey, coming in at only four blocks wide. However, you will find a little bit of everything in this upscale, yet still cozy, New Jersey town. Guttenberg, NJ waterfront real estate offers beautiful views of the Hudson River, right across from Manhattan's Upper West Side. If Guttenberg, NJ is where you want to buy a condo, start your search for all condos for sale in Guttenberg NOW!

"At only four blocks wide, Guttenberg is a prime slice of Hudson River waterfront living."

- Walter Burns

Thinking about purchasing a condo in Guttenberg? Let's take a closer look at everything the area has to offer.

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Live, Work, and Play in Guttenberg

Local attractions

Do you love exploring nature or simply enjoying being outside? Then, Guttenberg, New Jersey is a perfect place for you. The Overpeck County Park is a beautiful spot with great hiking trails and an awesome view of the Manhattan skyline. It also has a beautiful lake, so don't forget to bring your fishing pole! Another place that might excite you is the James J. Braddock North Hudson County Park. Enjoy different activities, including horseback riding and horse shows. There's also an amphitheater where concerts are held throughout the summer months. That’s one perfect way to spend a night under the stars! Some other attractions nearby are The Old Glory Park and Guttenberg Resource Center.

Public transportation

The main transportation in Guttenberg is served by the NJ Transit bus service. They’ll get you to and from Hoboken. You can also take a ferry or an Amtrak train nearby if you are traveling to New York City. The most popular ridesharing services are available at your service: Uber and Lyft. Car rental companies waiting for you at the airport include: Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Avis Car Rental. You may also conveniently book a taxi service ahead of time.

Outdoor spotlights

The Guttenberg area is beautiful in its own right, but the added breathtaking views of the Hudson River and Manhattan's Upper West Side increase the lovely views. When you buy homes for sale in Guttenberg, you also have the option of overlooking some of the most beautiful waterfront and breathtaking skyscrapers. Besides the Hudson River and Manhattan views, one of the most notable landmarks you will enjoy in the Guttenberg area is the Galaxy Towers.

A+ schools

There are many school options, from private schools to public schools, and numerous preschools, as well. Public school children attend the Guttenberg Public School District for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Children aged 9th grade through 12th grade attend North Bergen High School as part of a sending/receiving relationship and it is located just minutes away in North Bergen. One things for sure, whichever school you choose, you can bet your child will receive a top notch education.

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