Hudson River Condo Comparison

When it comes to looking for their dream Hoboken area condominium community, there are a ton of questions that all Hoboken area home buyers must consider: 

  • How important is it that the community have a pool?
  • Would I prefer to live in Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen, Guttenberg or another community?
  • How important is it that I have a waterfront home?
  • Am I willing to live at a place that charges for pool amenities?
  • Will I be commuting to work? If so, how important is it to have convenient access to the PATH station?
  • And on and on!

We hope to make your Hudson River area home buying experience a little less complicated with the help of this useful comparison chart.  Now you can check out several of the area condominiums - and what they have to offer - all in one fell swoop! 

  • River Front
  • Inland Condo
  • Townhome
  • Shuttle
  • Pool
  • Fee-based Pool Amenities
  • Condo-Hotel
Condo Building Area River Front Inland Condo Townhome Shuttle to PATH Price Range Pool Condo-Hotel
2 Constitution Court Hoboken       $450K-$4.5M  
700 Grove Jersey City     $400K-$750K    
99 Hudson Jersey City Over $800K
77 Hudson Jersey City       $700K-$4.0M  
1400 Hudson Hoboken $600K-$2.0M
10 Provost Jersey City $400k-$1.3M
Aventine Edgewater       $800K-$1.5M    
Avora Weehawken $750K-$1.8M
Bull's Ferry Guttenberg     $450K-$2.0M  
Clermont Cove Jersey City       $600K-$1.5M  
Crystal Point Jersey City       $750K-$2.0M  
Fulton's Landing Jersey City       $450K-$700K    
Galaxy Towers Guttenburg       $150K-$1.0M  
Garden Street Lofts Hoboken       $550K-$2.0M    
Grand Cove Edgewater     $400K-$950K  
Grandview I West New York       $550K-$1.3M  
Grandview II West New York       $550K-$1.3M  
Gregory Commons Weehawken       $350K-$850K  
Gulls Cove Jersey City       $450K-$2.0M    
Harborside Lofts Hoboken     $450K-$2.5M    
Henley on Hudson® Weehawken     $500K-$3.0M  
Hudson Club West New York         $400K-$1.0M  
Hudson Cove Edgewater     $850K-$1.5M  
Hudson Tea Building Hoboken       $650K-$5.5M    
Independence Harbor Edgewater       $350K-$950K  
Jacob's Ferry West New York     $450K-$2.0M  
Liberty Harbor Jersey City     $350K-$900K  
Liberty Terrace Jersey City       $550K-$1.3M    
Mandalay on the Hudson® Jersey City       $400K-$800K  
Maxwell Place Hoboken     $800K-$4.5M  
Mirabelle on the Hudson® North Bergen       $400K-$1.0M    
Montgomery Greene Jersey City       $500K-$2.0M    
Nine on the Hudson West New York $630k-$2.5M
One Park Edgewater Over $500k
Park and Shore Jersey City $640K-$2.2M
Pier House Jersey City       $450K-$900K  
Portofino Jersey City       $400K-$1.0M  
Riva Pointe Weehawken       $400K-$1.0M  
Roc Harbour North Bergen     $500K-$850K  
Shore Club Jersey City       $650K-$1.5M  
Sugar House Jersey City       $600K-$1.0M    
The A Condominiums Jersey City       $350K-$700K    
The Brownstones at Port Imperial Weehawken     $1.0M-$3.5M    
The James Monroe Jersey City       $300K-$1.0M  
The Peninsula at City Place Edgewater       $400K-$1.0M    
The Sky Club Hoboken     $300K-$1.0M  
The W Hoboken® Hoboken       $950K-$2.5M  
The Watermark North Bergen       $450K-$1.5M  
Trump Plaza Jersey City       $550K-$2.5M  
Vela Townhomes Edgewater     $950K-$2.5M  
Views at Hudson® Pointe North Bergen       $500K-$850K  
Waldo Lofts Jersey City       $300K-$1.0M    
Zephyr Lofts Jersey City       $300K-$500K    

Content authored by Walter Burns

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