Common Mistakes When Selling Your Hudson County Condo

Below are the more frequent mistakes homeowners make when selling their Hoboken, NJ condo unit.


Over pricing your Hoboken condo.


Refusing to allow your condo to be shown


Not keeping your condo unit clean and in top showing condition.


Remaining in your unit while your condo is being shown to buyers.


Communicating with the buyer and/or the buyer’s agent while the unit is being shown.


Providing bad information and/or giving false impressions.


Emotion-based panic selling! "This condo has got to sell now!"


Not seeing their condo unit from the buyer’s perspective. "My condo is the best one on the market in Hoboken" syndrome.


Believing an Open House will sell their condo unit.


Demanding your REALTOR® change how they should market your condo instead of relying on the experience and expertise of your REALTOR®.


Choosing the wrong REALTOR®.

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