Sell Your Hudson River NJ Condo

Your Hudson River, NJ Condo - Maximized Exposure

When it comes time to place your Hudson River NJ condo on the market, who do you select? Nobody needs to tell you selling your condo is really big deal. Emotions abound! Especially if you begin to consider all the wonderful memories that are connected to your current home. Retaining your memories is important as you turn your attention towards selling your condo.
As a seller, you want to be able to relax and focus on the excitement of buying your new home. You can count on Walter and to help make the transition to your new home smooth.

Marketing | Condition | Pricing 


Using both forward-thinking marketing strategies and technologies and old school tactics, your Hudson River condo is given maximum exposure to qualified condo buyers and their agents with this singular mission - get it sold.

"WOW" Presentation

It's a fact, first impressions rule and they happen online! We insist on using the finest professional photography coupled with exceptional marketing materials. This gives your condo a leg up so stands out above all others! It's all about creating a "wow" experience with buyers.

Digital Marketing 

Calling upon a team of industry-leading digital marketers, your Hudson River NJ condo will experience a digital presence on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, your homes will featured on the top real estate websites ensuring maximized exposure. 

Telling Your Home's Story 

Leveraging every marketing asset on your behalf, the story of each condo we market will be expertly told using a wide variety of media. This ensures your beautiful condo is revealed to buyers and agents alike.


Experts in presentation and staging, your condo will be organized and staged ready to make a bold statement to any buyer. Our goal - fully display your home's WOW! It's all in an effort to make your home desirable to a wide array of homebuyers.

Price It Right - This Isn't a Game Show!

Pure and simple, the #1 goal is to expertly establish the fair market value of your home so you achieve it's maximum value. How do we do it?

We Know The Condo Market - It's All We Do!

We have many years of processing and analyzing market stats and local data, we help Hoboken, Jersey City and sellers in other nearby Hudson River communities understand the current nuances of the market trends. We review buyer demand, and determine if inventory shortages exists.

We Understand Your Hudson River NJ Condo

Walter analyzes your market from the city level down to the building and unit level.  Using a myriad of key factors that includes your unit's square footage, recent property tax values, replacement cost, recent sales and current inventory, we map out a customized marketing strategy that will yield superior results.

We Work Together With Our Sellers

In the spirit of collaboration and leveraging years of deep market knowledge, we will develop an intelligent pricing strategy designed to achieve these outcomes. #1 aggressively position your condo to compete in the current real estate market - #2 ensure you achieve the best price and terms of sale for your Hudson River NJ condo.

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