Hudson County Condo Inspections

Before Hoboken condo buyers purchase a Hudson River condo, they have the right to a home inspection within 10 calendar days of the contract date. Hoboken condo buyers have to pay for the inspection and can hire whomever they want. Buyers can also decide to waive their right to inspection.

In addition to looking for structural defects and environmental contaminants, home inspectors make sure the following systems, where applicable, are in working condition:





Central Air

If any of these features have any defects, one of three outcomes will likely occur: The Hudson River, NJ condo sellers will have 10 calendar days after receiving the inspection report to tell the buyers whether or not they will pay the costs to make any repairs to the faulty systems. If the sellers do not agree to make any repairs, the buyers may cancel the contract. The buyers can waive the results of the inspection in writing and continue with the home buying process.

Hudson River Condo Buyer Right to an Inspection

Again, it is the Hudson River condo buyer's right to have an inspection before purchasing a new home. For exclusive information on navigating inspections in Hoboken, contact real estate professional Walter Burns today!

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