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Get Your Hudson County NJ Condo Sold Fast!

1. When it Comes to Selling Your Hudson County Condo Fast - First Impressions Count!

Buyers want to inspect your Hoboken condo unit and the building for the things that are most important to them. The problem is most buyers always over estimate the cost of painting and repairs. You must ensure the condo unit is ready for the market and looks its best! This will result in a faster sale at a higher fair market value. When showings are schedule it's always best to leave your condo and trust your professional REALTOR to show and sell it for you.

2. Wow the Buyer - Your Unit Must Be in Move In Condition!

Make sure he unit is in move in condition and is spic and span clean. Remember, dust & dirt dramatically reduce appeal. Remove cobwebs in the corners, dusty ceiling fans, dirty baseboards and carpets. A small investment in time and good cleaning will make your condo look its best and give the greatest return.

3. Make Rooms Look Larger

Remove and store oversized furniture, and personal pictures. Once your unit is decluttered, buyers will love neat, well laid out rooms and closets. Do anything possible to make your condo unit appear larger!

4. Use Soft Music and Sweet Aromas to Create Inviting Environments

Put your iPad/iPod to use and tune in to your favorite iTunes station for soft background music. Offer lightly scented candles and/or potpourri to give your condo unit a pleasant aroma.

5. What Sells Condos? Kitchens and Bathrooms!

Everyone desires a spa-like bathroom. So check and lay a fresh bead of caulk around tubs, showers, sinks and countertops. To make countertops appear larger, remove as much as possible and place remainder neatly on a tray or in a basket. If your kitchen and bathrooms don't sparkle, break out the elbow grease and clean, clean, clean.

6. Put Your Storage Space on Display!

Buyers are all about storage space and if your closets are cluttered, remove all unnecessary items. Before you place your condo on the market, start packing for your move now. Stacking neatly boxed items looks much better than cluttered shelves and floors.

7. It's All About the Details!

Have squeaky cabinets, loose door knobs, dirty air filters, grease-laden ovens, and tile grout, loose wallpaper seams and other minor flaws detract from your home's value.

8. Take In the NYC Views!

Many of Hudson River condos offer breath-taking NYC views. Be sure to open your blinds, pull back the shades, and open your curtains to show off those amazing views. Light fixtures should be clean, and windows washed to allow the light to stream through!

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