Maxwell Place Condo Recent Sold Data

Looking for the Hoboken,NJ condo just right for you may be a long process, but viewing what other condos in the area have sold for is not. Whether you are looking in the $500k range or have a budget for a $4.5M condo, you can find what you want at Maxwell Place condos in Hoboken. By seeing the Maxwell Place recent condo sold data you are better informed to make a smart buying decision. Information is gathered from Hudson County MLS & Public Tax Records. Sales prices may not reflect if parking was included in the sales price. May include sales/listings not made by Walter Burns or Keller Williams City Life Realty. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Recent (2016-2018) Maxwell Place Building Condo Sold Data

Archived (2010-2015) Maxwell Place Building Condo Sold Data

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